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Brand Ideation

Concept creation, branding and strategic packaging design for the luxury Pinot brand.

Elizabeth Chambers Cellar
McMinnville, Oregon

ECC family.png

Granados Consulting created the brand concept, branding and package design in 2014 for the new Elizabeth Chambers Cellar winery in downtown McMinnville, Oregon. Since then, the winery has become a rising star among the excellent Willamette Valley producers of Pinot Noir. The simple elegance of this label combines the name of the founder and the winery's façade with a beautiful blue Morpho butterfly, selected in honor of Mrs. Chambers' mother.

panther creek pn.png

Previous branding and label

The winery was formerly known as Panther Creek, whose bold black and red label design expressed a rather masculine flavor profile and brand identity. Liz Chambers (also the owner of Hinman Vineyards and Silvan Ridge Winery) intended to assert a new personality through its style of wine and brand. Our strategic brief was not complicated: create a brand with feminine sensibilities that would maintain the quality image expected of wines over $25 retail.

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