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What we offer clients

Clients of Granados Consulting benefit from my forty-four years of diversified experience in the global wine and food sector earned at numerous high-performing companies, including Fortune 500 corporations, top-ten global suppliers, privately owned international wineries and leading US wine importers. This background provides a source of valuable insights that serve as building blocks in the construction of fully integrated strategic and tactical plans, which are the key to success in competitive markets like the United States.

As a marketing professional I have come to see brand identity as the hub of the marketing mix, and insist on packaging that works harder to drive consumer trial and serve as a credible vehicle for the brand story. Yet my approach with every project tends to be grounded in the commercial realities of pricing strategy, channel dynamics and category trends. My CPG background also includes extensive experience fine-tuning the selling proposition and portfolio architecture, always in sync with production and financial parameters. Simply put, I tend to look at brands like a business owner, and see marketing as a tool kit whose main purpose is to build and sustain the profit margins of my clients.

Joseph Rey Granados

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Creating or strengthening a brand starts with figuring out who the target consumer is and how your brand logo, packaging and messaging can most effectively engage your key audiences


Compelling stories express your brand's reason-for-being, brand promises and "mythology" in ways that expand upon brand identity and establish a relationship with the consumer


Effective brand identity begins with a meaningful concept that creates consumer interest by

offering something fresh yet authentic that stands out in the competitive arena


Global brands are much more than just labels: they must strategically integrate with your product portfolio, production dynamics, sales proficiencies and market relationships to drive sustainable ROI


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Riccardo A. Mora 

EVP Strategy & Business Development at Delicato Family Vineyards

I have often relied on Joseph's industry experience, classical marketing background and critical thinking ability to help me navigate complex issues in brand identity, product life cycle, and portfolio positioning challenges. Joseph brings a deep understanding of the critical success factors required to invigorate brand portfolios, to grow trade and consumer awareness, and to build distribution.

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Lara Colvin

Regional Export Director, North America at Fecovita 

Joseph comenzó su trabajo con Fecovita al inicio de la pandemia en 2020 y nos ha guiado en una transición muy fuerte en la bodega hacia el liderazgo en el mercado global a través de una estrategia de premiumización para nuestro portafolio de marcas. Se ha adaptado sin problema al contexto bilingüe, trabajando en modo digital con nuestro equipo en Argentina. Es un placer tener a Joseph como mentor y líder con su pasión por la vitivinicultura y su profundo conocimiento del mercado estadounidense. Joseph ha sido extremadamente proactivo e involucrado en todos los proyectos, trabajando en estrategias de marca, análisis de tendencias, presentaciones para la gerencia y equipos de ventas, generación de contenido y story-telling. 


Chris Sarles

President / CEO at Oregon Fruit Products LLC 

Joseph has a unique ability to start by creating a brand vision and then helping create impactful tools to help effectively sell and market the brands. These tools allow the selling organization to take the message to the street and create interest with buyers. In addition Joseph did a nice job of working with the distributor management to gain their engagement and then he personally helped them execute the strategy on the street. I found Joseph to be creative, bright, enthusiastic, realistic, collaborative and willing to do the hard work that it took to see the rebranding come to life in the market.