Brand Restage

Branding and packaging upgrade for popular Southern Oregon winery

RoxyAnn Winery 

Medford, Oregon

RoxyAnn brand restage

In 2015 Granados Consulting accepted a small but interesting project on behalf of RoxyAnn Winery in Southern Oregon. The old branding simply stated a woman's name with no explanation of its significance. In fact, RoxyAnn Bowen was a courageous pioneer woman who traveled west from Missouri during the 1850's by way of the Oregon Trail, and settled in the Medford area. Consequently, a prominent local mountain peak was named after her, which in turn gave its name to the winery. 

This fairly dramatic or "revolutionary" rebranding exercise included placing Ms. Bowen's photograph on the front label, while also increasing the luxury look-and-feel of the brand.

RoxyAnn Claret label old.jpg

Previous RoxyAnn label design

RoxyAnn PG and CL.png