Brand Ideation

Concept creation, branding and strategic packaging design for luxury segment

Pago de Los Balagueses "Las Pilillas"

Utiel-Requena, Spain


Client Bodegas Vegalfaro came to us in 2017 with an amazing story. Their vineyard in the highlands of Utiel-Requena had been granted status as a Vino de Pago, one of the most prestigious designations in Spain. But what was more amazing was the history of their area. Near the vineyard were solid limestone troughs known as "pilillas" that had been created by the ancient Iberian people 2,500 years ago as crude but effective winemaking equipment. 

My approach to the project was to first take photographs of the gorgeous vineyard site and of the limestone basins, which I shared with a talented illustrator and label designer to visually convey this fascinating history lesson to consumers. Thus Las Pilillas was born: both a wine and a wine story "of great depth and complexity."